Today has been far too hard.

Despite trying to take some game-changing steps, I found myself fighting a losing battle against this constant, unending bout of depression.

Things had been getting bad before the breakup happened, I had already been planning on visiting my doctor to talk to her about this. But the breakup, as they tend to do, screwed up my plans. Not to mention the pain has been bad today. In fact, it’s bad right now. Depression, makes everything worse and chronic pain is already a lot to deal with.

I’ve spent a good portion of this evening looking for any and all writing opportunities.

I’ve spent it talking to some friends via different social media platforms.

I’ve spent it angry, hurting, and very depressed.

But I managed to still do something productive, I managed to write a bit today.

Not as much as yesterday, but that’s okay.

Small steps lead to great ones.


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