Care Too Much


Why is it that I am a part; that I belong

To a generation of women that care too much;

And why do we always come a part

So easily from a tangled heart

Like frayed stitches on a shirt

That unravel at a touch

Too many times, this has happened


Trust your heart is what they say

And yet all it does is care and break;

Shattered pieces, mangled love,

Nearly dead, upon arrival


Then it happens, the world collapses

Darkness comes back; crawling

Like a storm, a hurricane

We are left with devastation

Until we’re ready to rebuild

And, carefully, with gold and silver

We stitch that broken heart back together;

But the outcome never changes,

And tears become scars


But still with simple words and simple deeds

Tears come unbidden- happiness and sheer sadness

It never ends; this feeling

It’s hard to hold onto anything

When your world is only spinning

Emotions are like the ocean;

They never cease to be

Stirring, crashing,

settling, peaceful,

grateful, powerful

and dangerous




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