What I’ve Been Up To: April Writing Goals

Emotionally, the last couple of weeks have been trying, and though they continue to be, I have a renewed sense of control and a desire to take control of my life. Things have been so out of control lately, actually they’ve been very out of control since I got sick over two years ago. I need this to change, so I’m going to change it.

I write all the time, and I am going to be published one day, so I am trying to make that happen. Lately, I’ve been looking into different publishing opportunities. I’ve found some great ones and have even sent away an article that might end up being published on one of my favorite lifestyle/feminist blogs. Needless to say, I’m really excited about that one. But I can’t say much more than that at the moment.

One of my passions is poetry. And it is something that for a long time I put off doing–I had many excuses as to why, ‘got caught up with life’, ‘I have no time!’, ‘the timing isn’t right’, ‘it’s too hard’, ‘all  my stuff is crap anyways-so why even try’, ‘I’ll never be any good’…ect…the list of excuses goes on and on.

I’ve also been putting off editing my book! Much to the frustration of my editor. The first chapter of my novel had to be reworked, now that it is, I feel like I hate it. But now, I need to go through it again, and eventually send it off to him. But every time I set out to work on it, I look at it, and everything seems daunting…and bad. I make an adjustment, and I feel like I am making it worse.I know these feelings are unfounded, they are just a part of the other problems I have to face daily.

But, I’m so done with this period of stasis.

No more excuses.

I know what I want, so I am going to go out and get it.

One of the problems, I face is procrastination/ scheduling. Not having daily routines is not easy on me. I tend to get lost in the time. And, I always procrastinate. What I need to do is make it a habit-but it isn’t easy to implementing new habits.

Recently, I took an online course taught by one of my favorite modern-day poets, Tyler Knott Gregson. It was a 30 day writing challenge. And it has not only inspired me to keep working towards what I want, but it has also taught me a lot. For example, it can take 21 days for a new habit to develop.

Mostly though, you just have to sit down, everyday, and write for a couple hours. That’s how you become a writer.

One thing I love about him is that everyday on his Instagram and Tumblr  he posts one haiku, another poem, and sometimes a picture. These posts are so inspiring. The daily haiku was a challenge he set for himself a long time ago–he set out to write one haiku everyday for a year. And, correct me if I’m wrong, that was a couple years ago, and he hasn’t stopped since.

So, the other day, I decided that I was going to do it as well.

Write one Haiku, everyday, for a year.

Because, well, why not?

I believe that by writing a haiku a day, for a year, I’ll be better able to focus. And, it will help develop my habit of writing.

The biggest thing I’m going to do is set writing goals.

Set writing goals!? Yes. I’m going to track how much I write and focus on bringing it back into my life. If any of you would like to join me, I’d be more than happy to have company in this experiment.

So, here are my writing goals!

-Write for one hour, before breakfast everyday.

-Publish one Haiku, everyday for a year, on Instagram and Tumblr

-Write an hour before bed

-Bonus Goal: Write for an hour in the afternoon!



This is how it is going to work. For the remainder of the month of April I’m going to try and meet these goals everyday. It is going to be challenging, and I might fail…but I won’t. I’m determined. Besides, you never know until you try.

So if you’d like to follow my progress I’ll leave links below both to Tumblr and Instagram.

Ironrosewriting: Tumblr

Ironrosewrites: Instagram



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