Sometimes I think we forget as species how connected we all are. Scrolling through Tumblr today, I see echoes of what other people feel and what I have felt or feel right now. A picture that says: The hardest part is missing someone you used to talk to everyday. Or it was something to that effect.

Those words are echoes of what I’ve felt. It is a feeling, I’m sure that all of us will or have felt. It is a yearning mixed with pain and longing that has taken root inside my heart and life. I want to desperately to talk to this person, sometimes–we used to talk everyday. Every hour, almost.

What is amazing though, is that this picture I seen came from someone else’s blog-someone else feels that same thing as I do, and it is incredible to think about that because of what it means. And what it means, is that no, I am not as alone as I feel.

To me, that is powerful. Sometimes all I can do is just stop for a moment because a wonder and awe comes over me and all I can do is marvel at the magnificence of this amazing world we live in. Not only is this world amazing, but humanity is too. We are very deeply flawed, we have done, and continue to do, unspeakable things to ourselves as a species, as individuals, as a group…to animals, to the world…. To everything we’ve come in contact with. But, despite that, we’ve also created, healed, and helped and made beautiful things. We are worth saving, no matter what many people believe.

This one picture came from some guy I never met. We are bonded over this very innate human feeling–a strong desire to talk to someone we loved, but for whatever reason, no longer have. And that is pretty amazing. We are all connected to one another–even though, we tend to believe we are oh-so-separate from anyone else-we really aren’t. We all want love, acceptance, equality, fair treatment, life, happiness, and we all experience pain, sorrow and heartbreak.

This is the beauty of the human condition. We can feel so much-so completely and utterly alone but when it comes down to it, someone else has felt what we’ve felt before. And they’ve survived it.

And I think that is beautiful.

That concept, alone.


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