A Glass and Crystal Heart

A Crystal and Glass Heart


We played a game; I bet on you

The price was one glass heart

It was a hefty price


We played a betting game of trust

Catch; the only rule, was effortless

Catch the heart, made of glass, do not let it fall


Take out your heart and throw it high

But don’t worry, you promised,

This glass heart would be safe


Could I let it go?

I wondered, one night

Under the kind light of the moon

It had been fortified, cemented and

Hidden, locked inside a chest-safe

My scar tissue only just healed

But, what’s life without risk?


You promised that this would be safe

You promised you would catch it

At first, I refused; but your smile held the key

And your warm brown eyes, stopped hearts

I had faith; what was the point in living if

You only lived with half a heart


I believed that it was safe, held

In your sturdy hands

I couldn’t see how it would fall


So I watched and I saw; and I came to believe

That you were good—I came to know you well

Your past, who you had been, who you were,

And who, one day, you would become

Little did I realize, your inability to open up, to share

Would become so detrimental


Trust was laid down, brick by brick,

You built up these wall around us

As I fell for your imperfections

They made you, you.

They made you whole

Brilliant, wonderful and perfect in my eyes


It took too long for me to see,

Because when you look at sun directly,

Your vision tends to falter

The brilliance of its magnitude

Incomparable to anything


It took to long for me to see the truth

Coming at us, head first, like a truck

It wasn’t until after, when I lay in the wreckage,

That I could finally see


You didn’t care

You didn’t want this us we had created

Realization came too late but

Lying by omission will always still be lying


I let my glass heart fall-watched it roll from

Outstretched hands and with my whole heart, I chose,

I’d jump, I’d risk it all—dive in head first,

And, I’d see where I would land

I would accept life’s ebb and flow

No matter what it brought

I trusted you–you’d catch it


By this time, you know the story, it

Ends with a broken heart

This story has been heard before

Told a million times

But to me it had been new, a first,

Completely unexperienced


You stood still and watched

As my glass heart fell

Slowly, bringing darkness back to life

It shone like crystal lit by moonlight


Just before, it collided

With the bone-shattering impact

It broke apart, a tidal wave of shards


Millions of pieces, glittering, spreading onto the ground

I watched as you surveyed the damange

Not feeling as each shard cut into my skin

As I bled, you watched


Devastation and corruption,

My world fractured

Nothing would be the same

All I could do was watch


I felt the pull of darkness, crawling from the deep

So I looked for stars

They mirrored strength and courage


I kept my eyes trained above

The space you occupied, now empty

Scatted on the ground I seen a glimmer

Shattered remains of a heart shone



In the splinters, something happened

Pieces sparkled and converged

And, the end became a beginning

Becoming beautiful; becoming strength

A heart of crystal was forged


While loving you, I lost myself

And finally, I was found




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