It’s been a hard couple of days. A stupid mistake came back to bite me in the backside, I’ve had way too many appointments, including a massage appointment that was supposed to help me manage the pain and problems caused by EDS but in fact made things so much worse. I got screwed over by a teacher in my online course, got the final grade to another course (81%-which means I’ll probably *fingers crossed* be on the deans list again!!!), I’ve missed three appointments-one with a social worker, and the other two with my counselor and psychologist. I went up to a long time friend of mines house, and I’ve been continuing to try and get out of my house and do things! But, it’s not been an easy week.

Other than that I’ve been alright.

I’ve managed to complete my second article and send it off but god I’m really nervous about this one. I hope they like it the thing is, I feel like it wasn’t my best piece. I worked really hard on it. Don’t get me wrong. But, I just feel that writing it was too hard.

The article was about self-care but it took me about three weeks to write it-surprisingly, since I do have some practice with the topic. Why did it take me that long? Well, I’m not entirely sure but I do think it has something to do with the fact that in the last little while, going on over a year to be honest, taking care of myself has been way too hard and very challenging. And, it’s hard to write about it and give advice to others when you’re struggling with these very things. Therein lies the inherent problem.

I had to write an article on self-care but it feels like I’ve barely been able to take care of myself.

BUT besides that, it has gone pretty well and I do believe that my work is good. I talk about the three main ways we need to take care of ourselves-that being our physical self, mental and emotional self, and our spiritual self. All of these are the big things we have to remember to focus on. Taking care of one part of aspect of us is good and it does promote change within our lives but it also isn’t as effective as say making sure we take care of all our needs and I do really hope that this article helps someone. In a strange way, I actually think spending so much time working on this article has helped me get back into what I know works for me in regarding self-care. After all, I’m writing again. On a blog. So, that’s something. I’ve also been trying to do little things that promote self-care.



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