Lost Light

The darkness of an unlit sky

Is where we dwell tonight in

A time of pain, loss and madness


The world’s become moonless and starless

Deep in our bones we feel the absence-the lack

Gaping holes left by what was and what has gone on


As we fight, weighed down by opaque fog

This is where we’ve come to rest

In this time of this eclipse


Baptized beneath an ebony sky

Born suffocating-daylight paints on pretty smiles,

With some help from relatives


Because there is a sun that’s blinded while the

Moon accepts entirety–casting pale light that soothes

Rain comes racing down to us, as freedom we have arrived



Note from the Author

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I hope you liked it. This poem was created because of two events. The first happened a long time ago, I was huddled under blankets with my then-boyfriend, in his basement bedroom, and we were listening to rain as it went thundering around us. The second came the other day, I was in the passenger seat, my mom was driving, and the sun was setting. The sun was directly in my line of view–I had to close my eyes, I was annoyed but soon it passed. That was when I felt my body start to relax. I hadn’t noticed how uptight and tense I had been and I’d been like this all day. I realized then as the sun was going down I felt pressure easing off of me. Stars were coming out. An hour or so later, when I was at home in my bed, storm clouds brewing overhead, cracked and the rain came down in torrents.


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