Thoughts: The Princess Bride, Life, It Isn’t Always Fair, and Belief

No one is perfect. Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Sometimes we make mistakes–huge mistakes. Sometimes you miss people who don’t deserve your attention. Sometimes people who shouldn’t die. Heroes fall.

Today, I was reading The Princess Bride, and I got to this part where Goldman (this is guy who abridged the original book–basically revamped it for a new generation) goes on about how at one point in his childhood an adult exclaimed that life wasn’t fair, as a child he was overly enthusiastic about this news. An adult had finally confirmed what he felt he knew. Life isn’t fair. In this book he goes on to say that he believes that is the main lesson in this book. That life isn’t fair and justice doesn’t win.

I’ve been thinking about that.

Everybody and their sister knows that life isn’t always fair. But even as I pondered this and went over just things in my life that were not fair, right, or just, and there is a lot, I couldn’t bring myself to agree with this abridging-writer because he believed that life will always end unfairly. And, the truth is, life isn’t always fair, but I believe it overall it is. He said that some things will not work out because in the in the end, life is always going to be unfair.

He uses his crappy marriage to illustrate this fact.

I think he’s wrong.

Because he decides to stay in that unhappy marriage instead of actually talking to his wife he’s decided to lace this book with passive aggressive statements towards her—someone, we as the reader, have never even met. He decides to stay in that relationship. He could choose to go and look for a better relationship. He doesn’t.

This is what I think.

Life is unfair sometimes, but that’s not permanent. And the seeming lack of justice in the world is not the be all, end all. In the end, we get what we put into life. No, I don’t know why somethings happen. Things that should have never happened, do. But we have the ability to choose to look at things differently. We have the ability to change the present. And I also believe that no matter what you feel sometimes, life is overall good and just. Sometimes, it does take time for life to demonstrate that, but that’s why we have to have faith that things will turn out the way we want—or even better than we imagine. It may be a naive way to look at things, but I’m more than aware of that, and I would rather live with the hope and belief of a good, fair world than believe that it isn’t. I believe that in some ways, you create your own reality, that what you think comes back to you. I do believe that we all have something we are supposed to add to this world. And I believe that life is the greatest lesson. I believe that we are here to a learn that lesson and add to this world.


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