I don’t ever want to be just one thing.

To be described as something that downplays who I am. Writer, sister, artist, friend, rat-lover, bookworm, geek, woman, human, lover, dreamer, strong, funny, hopeful, disabled; the list could go on.

The singular paths so many women (and men) take often lead to unhappiness because they focus on one aspect of their lives and because of this they lack overall happiness and fulfillment. You have to allow yourself to be as you as you possibly can. You are too great a presence to be one thing. No matter how great that one thing may be, you’re more than it. You’re a complex simplicity, made of cells, blood and stardust, you are greater than you could ever know. You cannot be organized and slipped into Ikea boxes and placed on a shelf.

I am multi-faceted person and I don’t like being shoved in boxes. Though the pull to give in to being “one thing” can be strong, the urge to settle down can be compelling, don’t do it. You can get so much if you only try.

Too often, we give up on our dreams–on what matters to us because of reasons and excuses and sometimes because of outside forces.

So hold tight to who you are, every messy inch. Because without those messes you wouldn’t be whole.


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