The human hearts capacity for forgiveness is bottomless when push comes to shove.
The truth is after everything I’ve endured I’ve forgiven the unforgivable. Forgiven someone who fully and completely shattered my heart and my trust. There comes a time when forgiveness is an act of kindness. And there comes a time when you either have to let go of fear and anger or let it consume you. There comes a time to grow up. You look through a lens that colors your vision. You learn that the greatest tyrant was once a child-innocent, until someone irreparably hurt them-before someone shattered their soul. And there comes a time when you have to realize that you have that same capacity in you. You have to make a choice. Become your abuser or become the person you needed when you were a child. You have to find healing in  kindness. You have to grow up and learn to not love the worst in people but accept it. If you don’t you will become the person that hurt you so wholeheartedly.

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