This World Will Try To Make You Hard

This world will try to make you hard.

It will try to stop you from caring.

It will try to hammer all your compassion, your innocence, the innate empathy you were born with.

It will try to flatten you.

Harden you.

So that you don’t care.

So that you close your heart.

You “protect” it.

So that you become untouchable, your apathy unshakable.

Something you may not yet know is that in the process of protecting yourself, you lose something so much greater.

Believe me when I tell you that tears are not the enemy, they are not a hallmark of weakness or evil, they are a mark of true strength.

There is so much in this world that wishes to make you hard and decondition you to the soul-deep pain that suffering and loss do inflict upon your soul.

Don’t let this world, the bad people, circumstance, or the pain and suffering make you hard and uncaring.

Choose instead to cry.

To hurt.

To feel.

To feel anything at all is a gift. Take it from someone who stopped feeling for four years.

Be like the ocean.

Soft, strong and powerful beyond measure.

Every time you are able to cry for a loss, whether it is yours or not, you’ve managed to hold onto what is innately and beautifully human about you.

Pure animal.

People have a tendency to compare murderers or rapists to animals and yet there isn’t an animal out there that would seek to purposely cause harm to another of its kind and to enjoy it as much as some of humanity does.

To be animal isn’t to be sadistic or masochistic, to be animal is to have compassion, to care, to show kindness, it is to accept the laws of nature, follow them, live in the present, and yet it is to grieve loss.

Don’t let the world make you hard.

Don’t let it fool you into thinking that tears are a sign of weakness.

There is so much in this world that is good and pure and beautiful so don’t close your mind to everything this world has to offer.

The world may hurt like hell.

But it is worth it.

I have to believe it is worth it.

Everyday you are gifted with a chance to see beauty, it is worth it.

Don’t be made hard by an unforgiving world, recognize that it is the nature of this world to be hard and harsh and challenging; it is the way of nature, it is ruthless. Everything changes but nothing stays the same.

Be kind. Be compassionate.

Be soft, be strong.


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