They may be talking about you right now. Behind your back. Saying things that’d break your heart. They may be getting together right now. And you may be feeling left out. But what they do isn’t your concern, it never was. What they say about you, is of little consequence to you. It doesn’t matter if they talk behind your back. It doesn’t matter if they laugh. What you need to focus on, is you. Even on the darkest nights, when you feel utterly alone in the world, even as you feel that crushing oblivion threatening to drown you–those nights you almost welcome it…know that you aren’t as alone as you feel. I promise. Cracking open a simple book will show you  just how well in company you really are. So even if you feel alone, if you feel like no one cares, remember that you’re wrong. Because if it isn’t you that cares, it’s me. And some nights just knowing one person cares–even if it is a stranger, can make all the difference in the world.


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