Light Up the Dark

I’m overly sentimental.



An old-school romantic (in some ways).

I’m a feminist. Have been since age 7.

I’m not just one thing. I’m many.

I value knowledge and compassion.

I care too much. About everything.

I’m a patient.

At the moment, my chronic illness has become more debilitating with each passing day. I’m in a wheelchair a lot of the time, at home more of the time. But, I’m not only sick.

I’m complex.

I love solitude. And rainy days. The smell of old books.

I love being in libraries but I don’t actually like taking out books–I prefer to purchase my own, I’m creating my own library.

I would rather spend time with people who care about the world (and the people in it) and I’d rather talk about things that matter as opposed to the trivial mundane things.

I do what I can in my small corner of the world, to change it for the better.

I do what I can with what I have and that’s the most any of us can do.

I am changing the world.

I believe in equality for everyone–everyone meaning every person no matter their creed, ethnicity, beliefs, sexual orientation, ect. I believe you should be free to express yourself but I also believe that the moment your actions start hurting someone else-infringing upon their basic rights, you forfeit yours. People should be free to live their lives how they want as long as their lives don’t hurt others. I think the distinction between animals and humans is silly-we’re all animals, get used to it. They’re no less important than, or worthy of, respect and dignity than humans are.

I believe in hope.

Because when all else fails it’ll still be there for you.

I believe in magic–most people can’t see it, but it’s around us every single day. It’s what gives us life and love and hope.

I strive to live in a constant state of wonder and encourage others to do the same, because you can either go through life believing nothing is wonderful or miraculous or you can believe that everything is. To be alive is a gift. People too often forget that. I believe that everything has purpose.

Any suffering and adversity can be overcome if you just have the drive to keep fighting.

Sometimes putting one foot in front of the other is the hardest thing you’ll ever do.

Every person has something good to offer this world, you just have to try and find out what it is, and the pursue it with a fiery passion.

I am a writer. One day my books, my stories will inspire others. They will provide comfort to those who need, they will give you courage, and when you need it, they will be a safe haven from a scary and cruel world.

Stories are the reason I’m alive.

The power of love will win, in the end, because if it hasn’t won yet-it isn’t the end.

You should never compromise who you are for the sake of another. Be who you are and learn to love yourself as you wish to be loved by others. Live your life authentically. Be you. Do you. Be happy when you can but don’t turn a blind eye to the suffering and the pain all around you.

Everything that has been going on in the USA is terrifying–to some more than others, and it’s wrong. The bottom line is simple; we have to do better than this.

So, each and every day live your life and strive to make this dark world a little brighter.

We all have the power to change the world.

We all have the power to stand up for ourselves or for someone else. And everyone needs help. In too many ways, this world is broken. But we can fix it. Just start by fixing yourself.

You–YOU–have the incredible ability to lessen the suffering and the pain of others in this world and that’s what matters the most. No one should have to live with (or in) pain–I know this from personal experience. So use that power and change the world.

We have the power to change everything, to do better than those who came before us, and to create our lives the way we want them to be. So do it.

Be kind.

Have compassion.

And light up the darkness.


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