Joy and Photographs

If your photographs don’t bring you joy-get rid of them.

Don’t keep pictures of exes–ex friends, ex boyfriends, ex girlfriends, ex-family–whatever.

Don’t hold onto something that hurts you.

I’ve been looking through my pictures from the past year–(it should be noted within the past year I’ve gotten rid of a lot of pictures) and it left me with this wonderful feeling of happiness.

Looking through photos used to be hard–all I seen was things I couldn’t do, people I missed, bad memories, and hurt…it wasn’t something done on purpose but that’s how it was. And, that’s not okay.

Clearing out old photos, like dusting, gets rid of what’s not needed in your life. It is, in a way, like decluttering your past. It doesn’t mean that things didn’t happen but it is something everyone should do.

Clear out the past to make way for the future.

Everyone should make a point to take more pictures when they’re happy.

Sometimes we forget, I forgot over the holidays and I wish I hadn’t. Because looking through old pictures of great times and beautiful moments creates this incredible amount of joy.

In the last year, I’ve taken a lot of photos and because of that I get to see friends and loved ones smiling back at me–moments I’ve captured, and adventures I’ve had. I’m reminded of how much I’ve done and accomplished. So flipping through photos every now and then is a good thing. As you get to see the sheer accomplishment of your life. The beauty that you’ve found–even on the worst days.

And that’s the point, I believe.

To find beauty even in the hardship.

Dealing with so much darkness isn’t ever easy. And sometimes you have to force yourself to find beauty but every day you can find it–you just have to look.

So when you find a beautiful moment, capture it. But remember sometimes what a moment means to you will change and when it does, you need to let it go.



This is exactly my reaction after this crazy holiday.

I survived.