What do you read when the world breaks you?

What do you do when the world breaks you?

I swear, this world has broken my heart more than any guy I’ve ever known.

Back to my question. What do you do?

What do you read when the world has broken you and you feel like you are one breath away from turning to dust?


So far, I’ve been reading Margaret Atwood, Sarah J Maas, and George Orwell.

I’ve been trying to be less sick. I’ve been writing. I’ve been trying to make a small difference. I’ve been keeping informed on what’s going on–I’ve been watching, trying to raise awareness, I’m Canadian, and personally I find what’s going on in the states to be frightening. And that’s putting it mildly.

I’m thinking about rereading Harry Potter–that series got me through when nothing else could–or would. Another series close to my heart is Vampire Academy and of course the Throne of Glass series also Lauren Oliver novels. Writing is what keeps me going though lately I’ve been cursed with writer’s block so profound I didn’t think it would ever end. But I feel like slowly it is. Thanks to me taking new meds which mean the pain is better and I can sleep sometimes, plus things aren’t as stagnant as they were, and I’ve taken a more proactive approach to life. But despite all this, tonight my broken heart is aching. And it feels like the monster’s won. I just need some proof–some hope. I need to read a story that reminds me that good wins sometimes or one that restores some of my faith in humanity because right now everything seems to far darker and far deeper . I am fortunate and privileged to have grown up in this relatively safe country. Sure, my home-life, family-life, and personal-life including health, was a constant war but my country is peaceful.


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