I don’t think my family will ever understand. They just won’t. Sometimes circumstance is out of your control. Sometimes life throws your worst nightmare at you. Sometimes things get beneath your skin and they stay there. They don’t leave. Sometimes things mean more than what you say. Sometimes stories are more important than air because without them you know you wouldn’t be breathing. Sometimes there are memories that are so strong and visceral that they pull there–all so you can re-experience the horrors of your past. Sometimes, somethings you don’t mess with. You don’t touch. You don’t joke about. Sometimes, the only acceptable reaction is rage–once you become silent about the injustice in the world, you start to lose something you will never get back. Sometimes there is more to the story than what you know and you should just shut up and listen instead of talking without hearing.



My mind is weighed down

By things I cannot say

By circumstance I can’t control

By a world that holds to hate

Unknowing that it breaks more

Each and every day