Waking Up

We could have been something.

Instead, we remain nothing.

You came into my life. You helped to heal a part of me I thought had long ago been eroded away. You took me by the hand and led me back into the light. But it is my choice whether I decide to stay there.

I will no longer wait for someone who lets fear rule their life. When you give fear an inch, it’s already won. You’ve already lost.

And, I’m not waiting anymore.

I’m done.

And there’s freedom in that; in finally being able to move on. We part ways today, in a specific way, but I still wish you well. I really do hope you find your way. And, I hope that one day you will find happiness. I won’t ask you for more than you can give. And I’m not going to blame anyone else for your mistakes. You’ve chosen another life. And I’m not holding onto a hopeless hope that one day you’ll wake up.

We’re done, not that we were ever really together. Whatever we were, we’re not. So live your life, and I’ll live mine.

We were never meant to be.


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