It is valuing yourself more than you value someone else and it is putting yourself first–when your first instinct is to hold others above yourself. It is being okay with being alone. And it is getting up, again, after the world has forced you to your knees. It is piecing yourself back together. It is learning to love your broken heart and your aching soul.

It is finally accepting who you are and not apologizing. It is realizing that you do not deserved to be treated badly. It’s realizing that being with the wrong person is easy, and it is weak, while being on your own rather than settle for something half hearted. It is learning to love your scars and your imperfections. It is the moments of self-acceptance that come–hard-won–to silence the self-hatred you hold in your heart.  It is forgiving.

It is doing what’s right, especially when it’s hard. It’s walking away, it’s telling your truth, and unapologetically, living your truth. It is caring, it is compassion, it is passion. It is the smallest steps taken with a courage you didn’t know you had that show your true strength. Strength is not in the cold and unfeeling, it is in the bravery of feeling everything.


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