Magic and the Good Days

On good days, a smile can come easily. But, then there are days where they don’t. Some days are bright and you feel so light. You feel and see the majesty of life. On the good days, the past stays where it belongs, but on the bad it bleeds into your present. Staining your world red. You feel cursed, alone and hopeless; caught and chained to what you can’t control and never wanted. Submerged in silence, branded by it, and fear; in a life, you have somehow ended up in. But, still cannot recognize. Some days, are too dark and they are bleached of color. And, as alone as you feel, it just gets worse. But, then someone takes your hand, and says ‘you’re not alone’. And you remember, only you know how to hold the cosmos in your hands, lifting it all higher. All while balancing the harsh and cruel reality of our world on your shoulders. The secrets you held for too long came creeping back into your present. But, then the stars are there, you find yourself beneath the moon, looking up to them. You choose to see. These precious moments of beauty. Of this majesty and magic where we meet art and love and hope. And they all live amongst the stars. This is always worth fighting for.



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